Up & Coming Blogger - Runway Products Included


GIFTS&FREE products is included in this package to create content valued at more than $699.


This fee will grant you an intermediate level into the Global Influencer Agency. What this means is you will gain access to our support group via online, Runway Shows, Seminars, Networking Events, FREE GIFTS from brands & more. The online support group has over 15,000 influencers in it and you will engage with them to grow your followers.


In addition, the agency will also:

  • 4 FREE PRODUCT is included with this package. You will receive 4 FREE product from Runway Brands valued at more than $699!

- You can use the GIA Wall Street address on your business cards, blog, instagram, etc. of 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005 - Add this to your profile so brands know you are a serious influencer!

- You may use their phone line where brands can contact you on a Manhattan NYC phone number

- You may use their email @GlobalInfluencerAgency to show brands you are in fact a professional managed by the top agency in the world. Example: yourname@globalinfluenceragency.com

- The agency Gives a way Fashion Runway Tickets (we give a way runway tickets to major shows including NYC, London, Milano, Paris, LA, Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong and more cities globally.)

The GIA host seminars and classes to help you grow your followers and make money on social media platforms

Receive work from runway brands, cosmetic brands, lifestyle, health, travel, vehicle brands & more

Put you in touch with affluent hotels, luxury car brands, retailers, cosmetics and other fine brands that will provide clothing for you to take photos with

Put you in touch with photographers

You may use our name as your representative, along with our mailing address on Wall Street to showcase to brands that you are a professional influencer, professionally managed